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Kristine Berget is a Norwegian movement artist and choreographer based in London. She has a BA Honours Degree in Dance from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, and is currently performing in and creating works around the UK and Norway. 


Kristine has been a member of the award-winning hip hop company Boy Blue since 2016, and has in addition to performing with them at Sadler’s Wells and the Barbican in London, toured the UK with their production 'Project R.E.B.E.L.’. In August 2023 she joined Boy Blue's choreographer Kenrick "H20" Sandy again as a cast member of the new production ‘Free Your Mind’, directed by Danny Boyle and with music by Mikey J Asante. 


Kristine has over the past few years appeared in the music video ‘Big God’ by Florence + The Machine choreographed by Akram Khan; the touring production ’Tilt’ by Panta Rei Dance Theatre choreographed by Anne Eknes; multiple stage productions ('Festive & Fabulous', ‘Wonderland’ and 'Cirque the Lumiere') by Incandescence choreographed by Fleur Davison; and most recently the Netflix series ‘Lockwood & Co’ by Complete Fiction, directed by Joe Cornish and choreographed by Jennifer White. 


Creatively Kristine works as a choreographer and movement director, creating works for Gifts From Crows, Trøndertun and MaVe, as well as her own personal projects. She regularly gets commissioned to create work for the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, and directed her first full stage production, 'Calamity', there in June 2023. 


Drawing inspiration from both her Scandinavian heritage and the versatile training she has received in the UK, Kristine creates movement fusing a multitude of styles. She is intrigued by the synergy between music and movement, and aspires to create in a way that allows the two to elevate each other. 

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